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Where My Ladies At?

Where My Ladies At?

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How many times do you hear the phrase "OMG I hate her, she's so...(insert: selfish, big, small, bitchy, flashy, fake, skinny) etc etc."

Its a common figure of speech that is literally making hate an acceptable way for women to communicate.

What we really mean is - "OMG I'm jealous. She is beautiful, popular, successful, smart, lost weight, got married, got a promotion, or basically has/does something I don't."

Why, as women, do we fall into this trap of being pitted against each other, constantly judging and bringing each other down?

We find our power from individual strengths, and there are enough injustices in the world set up to make us work harder and stronger to persevere.

Our differences are what make us phenomenal. Armed with those we can excel. We can dominate. We can overcome anything.  We have strength beyond what should be possible.

Yet, we still find it hard to be genuinely happy in others' successes.

Anyone can be there for a friend (or even stranger) when they are in need.  Picking someone up when they are down is easier than lifting them higher.  We tend to think those on the up don't need support, but in fact the opposite is true. 

The real challenge; the true test comes in reveling in each others' successes and helping each other climb higher.

What I'm saying is, lets try to hate a little less and just be encouraged by those doing well. 

Focus on you.  Get you right and surprisingly, feeling the need or wasting the time to judge others becomes less of a priority.

We should be fostering a community of women based on support. We should be leveraging each other to reach higher, and challenging each other to be better.  We will never be the same, but we can respect our differences and find ways to use them together instead of superficial reasons to work against each other.

Imagine how our collective strength could grow in THAT world?


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