The Promise

I cannot promise you the sun, the waves or the sea,
These things I cannot give you, they don't belong to me.
I cannot promise to always be exactly what you need,
But I will stand behind you, a rock for you to lean.
I cannot promise to hold you high for worship and desire,
But rather as my equal, to challenge and admire.
I cannot promise to agree with all you say and do,
But I'll be a moral compass, and always believe in you.
I cannot promise we won't encounter our fair share of storms,
But through them we'll discover love and strength have many forms.
I cannot promise you direction in life, or on a map,
But when have you or I ever followed the beaten path?
I'm just as fearless as you are, though happiness is no guarantee,
I know I cannot live without you, and that's more than enough for me.