The Same Stars

Laying you down when the day is through
I dream what the world has in store for you.
Who you’ll become and what you will see
Adventures of life away from me.

That as you grow you’ll soon discover
No person or place is the same as another.
But this is okay, and I’ll tell you why
We are connected by the incredible sky,
For every night as the sun settles in
The world watches its starry show begin.

You may end up living on top of a hill,
High in the mountains where its quiet and still.
Perhaps in a city among bustling crowds
Where every day streets are busy and loud.
No matter how high or low, how near or far,
We’ll always be sleeping beneath the same stars.

If I were sailing on the endless sea
And you were up high where only clouds should be,
As we look to the sky when the sun fades away
We’d see the same stars every single day.

And it’s been this way since the world was new,
Give or take an astronomical event or two.
The Dinosaurs millions of years ago
Looked up at the same wondrous sparkling show.

Never to be altered by distance or time
Your sky, my darling, is the same as mine
So wherever you go and whatever you are
We’ll always be sleeping beneath the same stars.