What Are Hands For

Your hands come in a set of two
Each with five fingers, and a print just for you!
Use them every day to learn and explore,
Lets take a look at what else hands are for...

Hands are for opening, closing and covering
They are so important for discovering!

Hands are for building, painting and writing,
Outside at recess, hands are for kiting!

Hands are for learning, counting and reading,
For the class Goldfish, hands are for feeding!

Hands are for rolling, patting and kneading,
When you are done, hands are for eating!

Hands help with pushing, pulling and moving,
They always love dancing, especially grooving!

Hands are for throwing, catching and blocking,
At the front door, hands are for knocking!

Hands are for tagging, hiding and seeking,
Move your fingers, and hands are for peeking!

Hands are for swimming, splashing and diving,
Then they celebrate with lots of high-fiving!

Hands are for climbing, swinging and hanging,
Some people use their hands for standing!

Hands are for cheering, pointing and clapping,
Then make a nifty pillow for napping.

Hands are for holding, petting and loving,
They are always just the right size for hugging.

Your hands can show the world to you and open any door,
Now that you know its up to you!  What will you use them for??