Where Will Your Dreams Take You

Draw the curtains, dim the light
Rest your head and tuck in tight.
Close your eyes, snuggle in,
And let your nightly adventures begin.
Dream away, my little tyke
Where will your dreams take you tonight?

Will they take you to the sea
To swim with the whales and manatee?
Or are you the Captain of a boat
Wearing a lucky yellow coat?
You’d sail with Pirates – Yo Ho! Har! Har!
And discover treasures near and far.

Will they take you on an African safari
Where elephants and lions say, Habari!
Or riding a camel in the desert sand,
With an ice cold popsicle in your hand?
You meet a charmer playing his tune.
And dance with the animals under the moon.

Perhaps they take you to the sky.
Up with the birds and planes you’ll fly!
Over the mountains on a glowing kite
That shines so bright you can fly all night!
You’ll zip around the world in record time,
Higher and higher into space you climb!

As morning nears, you float back down,
Your eyes peek open to familiar sounds.
It makes no difference here or there,
Your dreams can take you anywhere.
But no matter how far and wide you roam,
Your dreams will always take you home.