The simplest word or image can captivate the mind just long enough to ignite movement and inspiration. Lets keep digging up that light.

358 Days of Light

358 Days of Light

‘Tis the season of New Year’s Resolutions.

Proud declarations of all we are going to accomplish in the next year. 

We set our sights high thinking, I have an ENTIRE YEAR to accomplish this, there is no way I can’t succeed. And then, nothing.

Sometimes we start too strong – coming out of the gate at top speed, only to burn out after a month or so.

Other times, we try to head that off by taking a less aggressive approach. That too proves unsuccessful as we get lax and slowly fade off entirely.

Knowing full well the risks of failure I still, feeding heavily into the hype and promise of a new year, have this grand idea.

For every day of 2017 I am going to post the “Light” I find – be It physical, metaphorical, or something I create entirely.  I want to show that that light exists in so many places, both expected and unexpected. 

It’s all about perspective, and I feel the need to push myself to understanding new ones and rediscovering lost ones.  To look at the world through different lenses and find the brightness that exists, even when it seems to be hiding.

But wouldn’t you know, on the VERY FIRST DAY the universe gives me a quick lesson in patience.

As I sat down on January 1st with a glass of champagne, my trusty computer and a whole lot of idealism, I crafted the perfect first post. 

And then, the unthinkable.

SHODDY INTERNET.  Not just for a day, but for the next THREE DAYS!?

After some heavy frustration the first two days, by the third I just had to laugh.  Because really, what better way to start off the year than the reminder that even with the best plans, there will always be obstacles out of your control.

You can choose to make them rule you, or roll with them and find out what’s in store.

I am still going to post as consistently as I can and hold myself accountable.

However, if there are days when a force out of my control prevents this, I will take a step back. I’ll try not to get frustrated with myself, or whatever it is standing in my way, and just accept that it’s not going to happen today.

And tomorrow, I’ll pick up and go again.

Because that’s realistic.  Declaring beyond a shadow of a doubt "I'm going to post every day!" – is not.

My hope is, that I’ll be more successful in the end and actually enjoy the process along the way.

So for today I am (finally) posting my first light of the year that should have gone up New Year’s Day.  It’s the gorgeous sunset I witnessed to end 2016.  A small reminder that in a tough year there is still light at the end, and with it all the hope and possibilities the new year brings.

But my real light today, was good internet connection ;). Heyooo!

Sunset Dreaming

Sunset Dreaming

Horses at Daybreak

Horses at Daybreak