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Comfortably Uncomfortable

Comfortably Uncomfortable

If you've followed my facebook or instagram anytime in the past few years, its no secret that I am always trying out new paths to have my own business. 

Whether its selling paintings, consulting, writing greeting cards, contributing to blogs, etc etc - I am always trying something out to see if its going to work.

What I've noticed over the past few weeks is that I've been going about it all wrong.  I get really excited and start diving into all the small details.  I research, I plan, I strategize, I weigh options, I find resource upon resource - each one better than the next.

The problem? I always stop at the same point.

I am forever researching and trying to set everything up so perfectly that there is no way it can fail.  But whats happening is I never even get far enough to fail.  If I'm planning, I'm not acting. I never feel satisfied enough with my knowledge to go further.

But today I took a leap.

On pure impulse, with literally no plan, I started a meetup group. I thought, if I have this problem, this burning desire to do it all - be a good mom, contribute my household income, find a career I'm passionate about, and still have quality time with my family on my terms - then there must be others like me.

So I reached out to an audience of my peers in my neighborhood with the idea that we could help each other.  I can impart my experience in helping businesses thrive, and maybe they could help and encourage me to do the same for my own.

Thinking I might get a few responses and I figured, what's the worst that could happen?

To my surprise - a lot happened.  I got over 50 replies to a small neighborhood posting.  50!? Clearly there were more than just a few women in my situation, craving the support of a community.

Now I had a different problem on my hands - where am I going to host his meeting? Its not longer the small meetup in a local coffee shop that I envisioned. 

So, I set up an online forum, got them all to sign up, and hosted the first meeting. I called it MEGA - Mothers Entrepreneurial Group Alliance.

It was terrifying to say the least. I was so afraid of being judged - who is she to be giving business advice? To my surprise, it was nothing close to the disaster I had built up on my head. 

It was fantastic! A group of women from all stages of business - current owners, some in the middle of building, and some who have no idea where to begin but want some guidance.

Not only have I gained an irreplaceable focus group for my business idea, but a place to go each month for support and motivation.  A group that will help me flesh out the problems as I help them with theirs.  A group that will hold each other accountable.

I had to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Be willing to put myself in a situation I would normally avoid.  That's where growth comes from - pushing limits, testing boundaries, and seeing if I'm really capable of what I'm setting out to do.

It's not easy, and truth be told every time I schedule another meetup I get a little pit in my stomach and a voice that says "what are you DOING?."

But each time I leave I feel energized, excited, and a bit more capable. Who knows, maybe in a few years I'll be running seminars and speaking in front of thousands of women!? But first, I need to get through this next meeting...

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