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Ignore the Dust

Ignore the Dust

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I am reminded occasionally why my husband is so good for me.

Though it's often times frustrating, he has a way of keeping me on the ground and in the present. Of pushing me forward when I all want to do is snuggle up in my comfort zone and drink some tea.

I like to be occupied. 

Not in a "hey did you see what the neighbors are doing??" kind of way. More like a "why don't I overbook myself until I drop" kind of way. I like to have projects and goals and get excited over a new endeavor almost daily.

There is nothing wrong with this.  In fact, its worked out to my advantage more often than not and quite frankly, I don't think it will ever slow down. 

The downside is that I'm also a perfectionist. I need everything to be set perfectly before I can take the next step. I need to have all the details planned out over and over. This isn't always the best method for reaching goals.

Today, I was caught in the act.

Having just reached the next phase in growing my business, I went ahead and got some business cards last week (wheee!!). I'm SO excited about them, and mentioned to my husband that I should get a business card holder to keep them looking pristine on the off chance I get to hand one out.  He agreed, with the caveat that I should "just get something" and move on.

Pffft. My friends, I don't ever "just get something". I launched into a search all over the internet for the perfect vessel to hold these small paper windows to my horizon of success.

I've got Etsy links, an amazon cart full, local artisans' cards from farmers market, have gone two no less than 3 shops here in Seattle and have yet to purchase something.

Today, he saw some up on my browser and simply said, "You don't have one yet? You're doing it again."

"Doing what?" I asked innocently. "This is important."

His response stopped me in my tracks.

"You're focusing so hard on the dust at your feet, that you don't realize the meteor falling out of the sky."

First of all, what do you even say to that? As much as I wanted to quip back with some witty response I couldn't. He made a great point.

I'm guilty of this in so many avenues of my life. Like what scent the hand soap is in the kitchen, what color nails are used to hang a photo, how neat my to-do list handwriting is (yes, this is a thing), what the laundry baskets in the kids' rooms look like, etc etc.

These things are just small details that don't contribute at all to function, but occupy my brain in a way I cannot move forward if I don't figure them out.

Needless to say, my new card holder is called a rubber band and until I come across the right one,  it'll do just fine.

And since I wasn't cruising the internet searching for one, I actually found the time to secure a meeting with a new client and write this post. Funny how that works.

Getting caught up in the minutia is so easy. Its a great way to stall my own progress by telling myself all these little things are imperative for success.

Its a hard habit to break, but I'm working on it.


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