The Promise

I cannot promise you the sun, the waves or the sea,
These things I cannot give you, they don't belong to me.
I cannot promise to always be exactly what you need,
But I will stand behind you, a rock for you to lean.
I cannot promise to hold you high for worship and desire,
But rather as my equal, to challenge and admire.
I cannot promise to agree with all you say and do,
But I'll be a moral compass, and always believe in you.
I cannot promise we won't encounter our fair share of storms,
But through them we'll discover love and strength have many forms.
I cannot promise you direction in life, or on a map,
But when have you or I ever followed the beaten path?
I'm just as fearless as you are, though happiness is no guarantee,
I know I cannot live without you, and that's more than enough for me.

Where Will Your Dreams Take You

Draw the curtains, dim the light
Rest your head and tuck in tight.
Close your eyes, snuggle in,
And let your nightly adventures begin.
Dream away, my little tyke
Where will your dreams take you tonight?

Will they take you to the sea
To swim with the whales and manatee?
Or are you the Captain of a boat
Wearing a lucky yellow coat?
You’d sail with Pirates – Yo Ho! Har! Har!
And discover treasures near and far.

Will they take you on an African safari
Where elephants and lions say, Habari!
Or riding a camel in the desert sand,
With an ice cold popsicle in your hand?
You meet a charmer playing his tune.
And dance with the animals under the moon.

Perhaps they take you to the sky.
Up with the birds and planes you’ll fly!
Over the mountains on a glowing kite
That shines so bright you can fly all night!
You’ll zip around the world in record time,
Higher and higher into space you climb!

As morning nears, you float back down,
Your eyes peek open to familiar sounds.
It makes no difference here or there,
Your dreams can take you anywhere.
But no matter how far and wide you roam,
Your dreams will always take you home.

The Same Stars

Laying you down when the day is through
I dream what the world has in store for you.
Who you’ll become and what you will see
Adventures of life away from me.

That as you grow you’ll soon discover
No person or place is the same as another.
But this is okay, and I’ll tell you why
We are connected by the incredible sky,
For every night as the sun settles in
The world watches its starry show begin.

You may end up living on top of a hill,
High in the mountains where its quiet and still.
Perhaps in a city among bustling crowds
Where every day streets are busy and loud.
No matter how high or low, how near or far,
We’ll always be sleeping beneath the same stars.

If I were sailing on the endless sea
And you were up high where only clouds should be,
As we look to the sky when the sun fades away
We’d see the same stars every single day.

And it’s been this way since the world was new,
Give or take an astronomical event or two.
The Dinosaurs millions of years ago
Looked up at the same wondrous sparkling show.

Never to be altered by distance or time
Your sky, my darling, is the same as mine
So wherever you go and whatever you are
We’ll always be sleeping beneath the same stars.

What Are Hands For

Your hands come in a set of two
Each with five fingers, and a print just for you!
Use them every day to learn and explore,
Lets take a look at what else hands are for...

Hands are for opening, closing and covering
They are so important for discovering!

Hands are for building, painting and writing,
Outside at recess, hands are for kiting!

Hands are for learning, counting and reading,
For the class Goldfish, hands are for feeding!

Hands are for rolling, patting and kneading,
When you are done, hands are for eating!

Hands help with pushing, pulling and moving,
They always love dancing, especially grooving!

Hands are for throwing, catching and blocking,
At the front door, hands are for knocking!

Hands are for tagging, hiding and seeking,
Move your fingers, and hands are for peeking!

Hands are for swimming, splashing and diving,
Then they celebrate with lots of high-fiving!

Hands are for climbing, swinging and hanging,
Some people use their hands for standing!

Hands are for cheering, pointing and clapping,
Then make a nifty pillow for napping.

Hands are for holding, petting and loving,
They are always just the right size for hugging.

Your hands can show the world to you and open any door,
Now that you know its up to you!  What will you use them for??

Destination PNW: Bridle Trails State Park

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Destination PNW: Bridle Trails State Park

Explore Bridle Trails State Park, 482 acres of inspiration…all without going off the grid.


This post comes to us from nature expert and Northwest native, Lauren Haule.  

The Pacific Northwest is nothing short of a mystical dream for the outdoor wanderer. Its towering trees and endless walking paths lead to destinations fit for a fairytale. You’d be hard pressed to find a region as ripe with adventure and inspiration.

For instance, nestled unsuspectingly in the Seattle suburbs of Bellevue and Kirkland is Bridle Trails State Park. This 482-acre park boasts over 28 miles of winding forest trails tangled up amongst small horse farms and quaint neighborhoods. Located only 15 minutes outside the city, the quiet paths and local plant life is well worth the short trip. Shared by horseback riders, runners, walkers, dogs and, of course, wildlife, Bridle Trails offers all the inspiration and beauty of the wilderness without having to go off the grid.

With three main trails of varying length the park lends itself nicely to a quiet stroll or a brisk hike, depending on your mood.  Used mainly as equestrian grounds since the 50’s, it’s not unlikely to see local riders trotting through. Personally, I find it the ideal place to put on some headphones, meander through the lush greens and get lost in the trees.


On any given day, the wildflowers and berries that grow within the thick forest-like floor are prime with fruit and flowers.  You will almost always encounter an Oregon Grape bush or the Himalayan blackberry. As you move further into the park you’ll notice ferns make up the majority of ground coverage.  There are more than seven different types of fern species represented, including the Maidenhair Fern and the Sword Fern. Further still, and you come upon a small open field thick with local flowers of every shape and color.

The real show-stopper here is the abundance of towering Pacific Redceders throughout the entire park. As the sun plays behind the clouds and peeks through these giant trees, the light cascading down is other-worldly. If you look closely, alongside the moss-covered stumps are small, bright flowers, like the perennial herb called the Self-heal. The entire plant is edible, and also quite beautiful with its vibrant bulb clusters popping against the greens.

Within the park these small treasures are around every leaf and stump, as nearly 200 plants call Bridle Trails home. For the more detailed wanderer, here is the complete list of all the Plants and Animals.


In truth, Bridle Trails often times falls under the radar being overshadowed by larger parks and destinations within a few hours (I’m talking to you, Mt. Rainier). To the locals that know it, there really is no other park near Seattle that showcases everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Go explore this reticent escape — you won’t be disappointed.

Destination PNW: Hoh Rainforest

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Exploring this rainforest doesn’t require a passport… 


This post comes to us from nature expert and Northwest native, Lauren Haule.

Rainforests are few and far between but, buried deep in the Olympic National Park is the enchanting Hoh Rainforest. Accumulating over 100 inches of rain per year, it is one of the most idyllic temperate rainforest in the world.

Following the seemingly endless road that winds alongside the Hoh River, several turnabouts give you a chance to stretch your legs and take in views at the water’s edge – if you’re fortunate, you may even catch a glimpse of elk grazing along its banks.


Once you reach the visitor center, day hikers can choose between three main trail loops, and countless more for campers planning to spend the night.  The Hall of Mosses is not to be missed and, at only 0.8 miles, it’s also the shortest and most family-friendly of the trails.

A tranquil loop leading you through old growth Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock and Maple trees slowly magnifies as you travel deeper.  On the forest floor, a deluge of mosses, ferns and other plants like Salmonberry shrub compete for space, while the trees host an abundance of epiphytes (plants growing on other plants), giving the rainforest its distinctive look.



Prevalent are “nurse logs,” or fallen trees, that, in their slow disintegration, become support for new growth.  Along the trail, some logs support up to 10 or 12 large trees, providing a firsthand look into the everlasting cycle of life.

These enormous conifers are hundreds of years old and can grow to 250ft high and 30-60 ft in circumference. Their size is impressive in and of itself, but then notice the layers of clubmoss billowing down, draping the gnarled branches and giving the forest an ethereal quality. There is a nearby maple grove where these peaceful giants stand almost mid bow, cloaked in their vibrant green linens. Here, time stands still.

The Hall of Mosses is only a small taste of what the rainforest has to offer. I was told by a park ranger that watching the sunset on the Hoh River – which can be as late as 9pm – is truly a sight to behold. The wildlife, visible mountain ranges and proximity to the ocean make the Hoh Rainforest the quintessential Pacific Northwest destination.